Monday, December 13, 2010

Controlling Allergens with HEPA Vacuums

HEPA has become the industry standard for both vacuum filtration and air purifiers for the home and office.  The acronym "HEPA" stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air.  By definition, a true HEPA filter must remove 99.97% of particles that are at least 0.3 microns in size.  This is as small or smaller than mold, pet dander, pollen, and also some smoke and smog particles.  Particles that are 10 microns or less can affect your respiration by the particles settling deep into your lungs.  For allergy sufferers and asthma patients, doctors recommend the use of HEPA filtration.

Carpeting is a haven for dust mites and for bacteria.  Furniture such as sofas etc. and beds are highly concentrated sources for dust mites.  There are allergy proofing methods and treatments that can be used to limit airborne allergen exposure.  A critical step to controlling dust in your home or office is vacuuming on a regular basis with a HEPA vacuum cleaner.  In using an efficient vacuum such as this, it can pull harmful particles from your carpeting and floors.  A HEPA vacuum cleaner will trap particles rather than blowing them back into the environment.

Green and clean with HEPA Vacuums and make a difference in our Environment!